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A Partner to my better half, Father to 2 little humans that are the best thing west of anything east. An Ocean loving, pixel bending dyslexic doodler, SVP Design @ParamountPlus - Home to Live Sports. Breaking News. A Mountain of Entertainment.

A philosophy to Create Experiences at Scale

I focus on design outcomes that create clarity of purpose and inspire my teams on the vision / mission of the larger organization and then mobilize the group’s ability to contribute, deliver and realize that vision. We ensure an ease of use and frictionless user journey for customers to discover, consume and circulate seamlessly through our subscription streaming experience.

I focus on 3
key success criteria.

  • Quality - Constantly raise the visual and functional fidelity / ease of use to the customer experience.
  • Consistency - Ensure consistency across all points of distribution. IE no product category or platform determines a better or lesser experience.
  • Speed - Time to market. We can not imagine how our customers will respond to concepts, so we strive to be agile and quick in our iterations to determine what we lean into vs abandon.

There is no SINGLE way to work a project. However, there are some themes to guide an effective process.


Listen / Talk / Research. The goal is to understand the problem. No solution is good unless you are clear on what defines success. Start by clearly understanding the problem.

The WHAT & the WHY


A design phase that sets to explore a variety of options that address the core problems and customer needs. This starts with a series of assumptions. Theories of what solves the problem.



Test: The goal is to determine what is working and what is not. Here we prove or disprove theories. Share new designs with a sector of, or even the full audience. The outcome will determine what we will lean towards or abandon.


There is no such thing as a finish line. Each full release simply redraws a new starting point to further fine tune, tweak.

It is a new foundation build or subtract from.


Of any of the efforts I have been a part of, I used to get the most questions about the former CNET magazine. My response was always the same. I loved it.

We live in a world where anyone with time, effort and the right digital tools can become a publisher. Websites, blogs, podcasts, online video -- there’s a variety of ways to create and deliver content to a global audience. But just because you can do something doesn’t mean it has value -- or is worth your time. The glut of information available to us, online and offline, makes it hard to separate premium content from all that noise.

That’s where CNET Magazine came in. It was a premium, quality magazine that extended a 21-year-old online brand into print to tell stories about technology from every angle: from its impact on society, to the people and companies who think up the next big thing, and the gadgets and services that really matter.

Who is Marc Mendell?

I am an avid student and evangelist of user-centered design principles - I have created or overhauled some of the world's largest online Entertainment, News, Technology and media properties. My focus has always been on building functional design systems that creatively solve user problems while addressing business needs. Solutions that convey brand and messaging, but more importantly, are intuitive to maximize the possibilities of an interactive medium. 

I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area and I continue to be found here. I am always open to making new contacts, friends and folks to bounce cool ideas with

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